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About us

ur point was dreamt up at a time of turmoil. A time where the world was in a state of shock from a global pandemic. Social media had become a soap box for people to shout and vent their untethered views from.

Nobody was safe or immune from being targeted either. Simply having beliefs that differed from those of others could make you a target.

Something needed to change. This online community was at loggerheads with one another. Just logging onto our chosen platforms could be a bruising and unpleasant experience. So many other things were wrong as well. This social media arena was not actually all about us, and definitely not all for us. It was about companies building profiles of us, targeting us, and selling-on our data. How could something that is free create so much power and wealth for other people?

How did we all get so lost amongst this? Which platforms could we actually trust? How do we get back to that harmonious place we all loved so much before? When people are lost at sea, and hope is all but gone, a flash of light on the horizon can be their salvation. A beam of light, shining so bright that it raises their spirits, and fills them with hope again.

As the waves of this social dilemma were crashing down, and beginning to drown everyone,the realisation that we needed a beacon of hope was enormous - A new shining light of social media was on the horizon. This is where ur point was born. Perhaps all is not lost after all. This new shining light is to offer us all of the things that people like about social media platforms, but it is to exclude the things that are not all for us. It is to be a place where we can post and share without any fear. A place to meet and convene where we feel safe. Safe from abuse, and safe from being targeted.

A “Be Kind Policy” was created and has been implemented into the terms and conditions of ur point. Lots of thought about how to encourage behaviours promoting harmony, and discouraging discord has been poured into ur point. Thoughts & ideas on how to beat the bullies, block the abuse, and filter out unwanted content have been put into practice.

The ur point platform has zero-tolerance policies on racism, bullying, and any type of abuse.
ur point will not harvest your data to make money from you. ur point is the product; Not you. Users of ur point will need to use their real identity and each account has to be verified with a mobile phone number as well as an email address. ur point is for people who want to be themselves, and who don’t want to be targeted by anonymous trolls.

ur point has been designed to help ward off the people who can make people feel scared, unsafe, and alone. ur point promotes friendliness, compassion, and understanding. When people log onto ur point they will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. People’s wellbeing and their mental health is majorly important to ur point. We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to prevent people from being harmed or abused, and we offer facilities to help people to reach out, and to support one another. On and off-line.

ur point is about your wellbeing, it’s about your privacy, and importantly, it’s about you.

Why are we called "Ur Point"

The name "Ur Point" immediately suggests a focus on the individual, emphasising the unique perspective and voice of each user. In a world where personalisation is key to user engagement, a name like "Ur Point" communicates that the platform is tailored to each user's interests, preferences, and point of view. Its all about them.

The word "Ur" is a possessive pronoun, indicating ownership or possession. By using "Ur" in the name, the platform conveys the idea that each user has ownership over their content, identity, and presence on the platform. This sense of ownership can foster a deeper connection between users and the platform, as individuals feel empowered and in control of their online presence.

"Ur Point" suggests that each user's voice and perspective matter. It encourages users to express themselves authentically and share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with others. In a digital landscape often dominated by noise and distractions, a platform that emphasises the importance of each user's point of view can be refreshing and empowering.

The word "Ur" has ancient roots and is found in various languages, including Sumerian and Old English. By using a word with historical significance and global appeal, the platform can convey a sense of inclusivity and welcome users from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Finally, the word "Point" carries connotations of influence and impact. It suggests that each user has the power to make a difference and contribute to the broader conversation. By giving users a platform to express their points of view, "Ur Point" empowers individuals to be agents of change and shape the social discourse.