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Ur-Point is a social media channel that places a strong emphasis on spreading kindness and positivity. In a digital landscape often characterized by negativity, Ur-Point seeks to create a nurturing and supportive online community where users can engage in positive interactions, share uplifting content, and promote a culture of kindness.

Ur cards sells personalised cards and gifts at very competitive prices. Browse our items and personalise them with names, messages and / or photographs. then have them printed, packaged, and sent to your loved ones direct.

With Ur-Beacon, you can create your own personalized support system, empowering you to reach out to five trusted individuals who will be your beacons of light during challenging times.

Ur-SOS is a convenient and potentially life-saving notification system that allows users to quickly send their current location to designated recipients with just the push of a button.

Questions? We have answers

When I sign up what features do I get free of charge?
When signing up to www.ur-point.com you have immediate access to ur wall, ur events, ur groups, and ur cards.
If I become a premium member, what do I get and how much is it?
When you become a premium member, you gain access to ur photos, ur videos, ur message, ur business and ur photobooth with 3GB of data, all for the incredible price of £4.99 per month.
If I add a photobooth who can see my photos and videos?
You have the option to set the album as private or public, if you set ur photobooth as public, anyone on ur-point will be able to view and add photos to it. When ur photobooth is set to private, only people you have invited to view and add photos will be able to do so.
When I add photos and videos to ur photos and ur videos can anyone see these?
Photos and videos added to ur photos and ur videos are kept safe in private albums, should you wish to share photos and videos with your friends this can be done so by posting onto the main wall on www.ur-point.com.
Can you promise I won’t be tracked whilst using ur point?
Yes. Ur point doesn’t use tracking technology to gather data about its members.
How safe are the important documents stored in ur vault?
Items in ur Vault are protected by a two-tier security system and you’ll need your phone to get security code to access them.

If you accidentally leave yourself logged in, you don’t need to worry. Ur Vault will sense when there’s no activity and log you out automatically after a short time.
If I make a compliant about abuse on ur point what will happen?
We take complaints of abuse and bullying very seriously. All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. Depending on the severity of the abuse, this could be anything from a warning to a lifetime ban from the platform.
What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, its quick and easy to reset it. Just click the forgot password link underneath the login box and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. Then we’ll email you a link to reset it.
Do you guarantee I still have ownership of the photos and videos I upload?
Yes, absolutely. All of the content you upload is 100% yours.
Will I be safe from abuse?
We do everything we can to protect our members from abuse. Ur point is programmed to detect instances of bullying and trolling automatically. There are also built-in safeguards that allow you to raise the alarm at any time.
Will ur Point sell my data?
No. Ur Point won’t sell any of the data which you have provided to us to any third party organisations. Any personal data will only be used exclusively by the Ur International Group to provide the services you’ve subscribed to.
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